Tangri-lá, my tango child, met with a nasty denouement over which I had no control.  I grieved.  I’ve moved on.

This is a new leg to my ever-evolving journey, through the world of created and captured images.  Because life is, well, life, it is inevitable that other topics will intrude.  My lifelong affair with Tango, my obsession with felines.  Yes, they’ll make themselves heard here as well.

But this will primarily be my photography blog, as I embark upon creating a life centered around this occupation.  In the last few months I have been inspired, surprised, and so very fulfilled with the manifestation of my fantasies and wonderments into images others can also see.  The limits of the Universe are melting before me, and so much is possible and manifesting.

Welcome, and may blessings be showered upon you.