For a couple of years now, I have been a member of DPC (Digital Photography Challenge), an online community which twice weekly posts themed challenges which members have a week to conceive, shoot, edit, and post.  There are several levels of editing rules, from minimal to expert, which restrict what and how much we can process our images.  Then we vote for a week, and the photo with the highest score wins a blue, red, or yellow, virtual ribbon.  It is fun, frustrating, stressful, and I have learned more about photography there than anywhere else.

In early June this year, the challenge was Famous Photograph – we had a to recreate a famous image.  And I chose Man Ray’s Le Violon d’Ingres.  It was my first ever studio shoot.  My first every shoot with a model.  My first ever nude model.  I asked a friend if she would pose.  And she said yes!  As it turns out, it was a transformational afternoon for the two of us.