With all the excitement of taking pictures, editing,  and then sharing our masterpieces with (usually) highly enthusiastic friends and family, it’s easy to forget that there are an even greater number of folks out there who want to use our brilliant work – without having to pay for it.  While these can be image-grabbing trolls on Flickr and other giant picture-sharing sites, these grabbers also come in the guise of photo competitions – many of them sponsored by gigantic organizations who should know better, and who could easily afford to pay for the works they are immorally grabbing for free.

Pro-Imaging has provided a Bill of Rights for photographers – a priceless resource for photographers the world over, along with a list of contests that grab all our rights, along with our photograph.

There is also a list of contests that don’t 🙂

And now here’s my photo for today.  A study in overlays for a side challenge at DPC: