Part of my playing with digital processing is to see if it can add emotional content, or create or enhance a concept within the image.  It is a lot harder than it sounds, as there are an infinite number of toys we can use to digitally alter our image, and adding stuff mindlessly can confuse rather than clarify our intentions.  Which is what I tried to do here:

Base image of hot tub bathers from a Sept. trip up the coast (this hot tub is from Post Ranch Inn and is in a TV ad currently running!). Overlays of birds from a whale watching trip in San Diego. Clouds/Fog from a sky shot in Vegas. “Moon” is actually harvested from an image I took a while ago.

Added some “galaxy” filter from Flaming Pear.

And then I discovered brushes… Added bubbles, stars, snowflakes. I wanted to add a glowing swirl somewhere but I don’t think it would improved the shot.

I was going for a “transported to a magical, mythical place” feeling. I hope I got it, and that it’s not too “dark”…