Last year I had the great fortune of participating in a staged reading of The Clean House, an exceptional, poetic, modern comedy by Sarah Ruel.  In it, the main character says to my character “you’re like everyone’s soulmate”, referring to how it seems that she is a perfect partner for everyone.

That phrase resonated very deeply with me because when I Tango, that’s is what I feel I am.  Somehow, everything that makes me me dissolves into him, and I become an extension of his movements and feelings.  I transform us into US.  I am still me, but expanded.  And it is something that occurs naturally the instant I embrace my partner.   When, at the end of a tanda with someone I’ve not danced with before, he beams at me and says “it’s like you’re not  even there”, I know he means that I have become a part of him.  And this is very, very good.