Though humans celebrate the turning of the calendar page as something tangible, in reality it is just like any other day.  The sun rises and sets as always,  galaxies swirl, plants wither or sprout.  In other words, nature does not “start over” on the first of every year.  And in the most basic ways, neither do we.  But our thoughts and intentions do.   We busy ourselves during the year by living our lives, and in the process lose track of goals we have set for ourselves, obstacles we wish to overcome, places we’d like to go, accomplishments we’d like to achieve.  And most of us don’t realize we’ve not accomplished most of these things until it’s the eve of the New Year.

Of course, in an ideal world we’d just continue to strive for those goals without having to remind ourselves of them every 12 months, replacing achieved goals with new ones in an ever-renewing process.  But in the real world, few of us are that organized and consistent, and the New Year is just as good a time as any for us to reorganize and restate our intentions for our own lives.

To this end, I’d like to wish everyone a fruitful and satisfying New Year.