In June of 2010, I did some headshots for the very lovely and incredibly talented Caryn West – a friend from Tango who is a brilliant actor and teacher.  At the end of the session, her very old and arthritic dog joined us, and Caryn asked if I would please take some shots with her and her best friend, as she was concerned he was not long for this world.

The poor pooch had set himself down at her feet, and it was quite clear that he wasn’t going to get up anytime soon.  I took a couple of shots of her sitting in a chair, next to him, but they felt distant, and rather sad  I then got the idea to have her get down on the floor with him.  In that instant, with the two of them sharing such an intimate moment with me, I realized that I wanted to do more of this sort of photography.  A LOT more.  What has become my “signature” niche began with this humble image.

Jonesy is still with us.