Although technically not MY photography, here is a blast from my past!!  Many years and several careers ago, I wrote, produced, and starred in a Spanish-language pilot for a show called Oye Juana! (Hey, Joan!).  My friends Richard Yñiguez and Sal Pleitez were my team, who directed and ran camera, respectively

Though it received a lot of attention, like most projects it went nowhere.  One of the many ideas I had was to create a “family” for Juana, which could eventually be used in one way or another both on-line and on-air.  At the time I had virtually nothing to do with photography, other than vacation shots whenever I traveled.  I knew nothing about Photoshop and its powerful mysteries.

Sal photographed me in my various characters (even grandma in the background) – splendidly created by Cindy Calderete – and merged them into this composite.  When I saw it I thought it was a miracle, and could never have imagined that I’d be doing that (and more) just a few years later. Sadly, we could not find the source files, and this very low resolution image is all that remains of the family.