Lloyd was my first “musician” portrait.  When my friend Therese told asked me if I’d shoot some portraits of her blues musician friend “Lucky” Lloyd, I was thrilled.  Doing CD covers was definitely on my want-to-do list, and here was a charming, very photogenic man to get me started.  As fortune would have it, Therese’s ex runs a sound studio and that’s where we shot the series.  I was going for something VERY low key, and it was during this shoot that I realized how drawn I am to very dark images.  At this point I still did not have any studio lights whatsoever, so I was completely dependent on ambient and natural light.

Outdoors produced some nice images, but much brighter than I had in mind.  Then we went indoors and I was not getting anything I loved there either.  I suddenly saw a diffused shaft of light spilling from the door onto the arm of a sofa, and that’s where I took this shot.

It is EXACTLY what I had in mind.